Floral Weed Rolling TrayCannabis Floral Rolling Tray420 Floral Rolling TrayMarijuana Floral Rolling TrayFloral Trinket TrayFloral Weed Rolling Tray
Floral Weed Rolling Tray
Cannabis Floral Rolling Tray
420 Floral Rolling Tray
Marijuana Floral Rolling Tray
Floral Trinket Tray
Floral Weed Rolling Tray

Weed Floral Rolling Tray


• 5″ x 7″
• Durable, high-quality
• Made of sturdy Metal/Tin they do not bend.
• High walls keep everything inside the tray
• Easy to clean
• Perfect for traveling


Looking for the perfect rolling tray that is not only stylish but will fit in with all your smoking supplies? Look no further! This Floral weed rolling tray is it! If you’re a weed lover, flower lover, joint roller, or just looking for a pop of color while you light up then this is the tray for you.

Don’t smoke? This rad floral tray makes the perfect decorative tray, jewelry tray, catch all tray or even snack tray!

Additional information

Weight 0.1875 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .25 in


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