Higher Blend

Just bringing some fun art to your life… No big deal. Care to blend for a sec?

Higher Blend is the artistic brainchild of Chris Perez. For many years, I’ve collaborated with other artists, musicians and apparel brands to bring their ideas and dreams into reality. Now I’ve created a space for my own ideas, visions and creativity. I like to call that little diddy “Higher Blend”. You’ll find a collection of some of my favorite art, designs, illustrations, and what have you that I’d like to share with the world. Now you can wear or display my art and know that you’re supporting an artist and their dreams to keep chasing and exploring their creativity.

– Chris Perez
Higher Blend Owner / Artist

Higher Blend

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Why Higher Blend?

It’s all in the name baby! A personal promise to anyone who buys my art, prints, apparel or accessories that you’re getting the highest quality and best blend of my art. After working with apparel companies, startup companies, musicians and other artists for over a decade, the one thing I’ve found to hold true is that ‘quality is key’. That’s why I stay in on the weekends and work overtime to create some fun designs, test quality with manufacturers and shoot the shit with you on the socials. From day one it’s been about my personal expression and getting to unleash my creativity through my illustrations, but at the end of the day, without your support it wouldn’t mean a thing. Your continual support has kept me going so I continue to create and look forward to creating more of that “Higher Blend” for you in the future.