15+ Must have California Enamel Pins for collectors

Weed Enamel Pin

15+ Must have California Enamel Pins for collectors

It’s not a surprise, we love California over here at Higher Blend! That’s why for my first batch of pins, I had to create my own California Pin. In the process of creating my pins, I came across some fun California enamel pins. I thought I’d show you some of the pins that made the must have California Pin list.

California Pins

There are so many options in respect to the shapes.. I mean there’s the classic California silhouette, but you really can’t go wrong with the bear, the quail or even the California Poppy. Enough poppy-talk though, you came here to scope some must have collectible enamel pins. Here’s some fun California pins to start.

Nostalgic California Enamel Pins

These pins bring nothing but joy! A fun mashup of California locations with some of the iconic spots that put California on the map. From In-N-Out to the Classic PCH sign, the pin gods have created a fun collection.

Must Have California Inspired Pins

Some pins, don’t have to be shaped in the state outline to scream California. Here are some fun enamel pins radiating with that California style. From poppies, to quails, the classic beach bum van, there’s no shortage of nostalgic pins to chose from.

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